Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rug - Deep Sky Clusters

Uberstrange hypnagogic sampledelic murkiness. Sparse hip hop beats, distorted vocalizations, lo-fi aesthetics, funky flutes, chopped & screwed snippets sprinkled with primitive synth pulses and tape experiments. Weird as fuck. Blazin' to make music to get blazed to.

(not the cover, but this pic is hilarious)


Anthony Junkoid said...

Total awesomeness/radness! Thanx a lot for this gem - where did you find it? i searchin' thru web & can't find links for this....psychedelic drag/screw hop masterpiece!!!

Unknown said...

@Anthony: Zack Stenger (the guy behind this project) e-mailed me with this album himself. Fucking great, eh? He also sent me this link to a picture: It's the closest thing to an "official cover" we can get for this. Glad you're enjoying this! :)

LLLL said...

Thanks for listening, if you wanna check out a bunch of different music my friends and I make you can go here

there should be a new rug album done relatively soon