Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kyle Landstra

Bedroom lo-fi drone. Nothing revolutionary, but still very nice selection of moods, ranging from bleak, cold, almost nightmarish soundscapes to slow, somewhat melancholic bliss. Apparently the dude has a tape coming up on Sacred Phrases this summer. Rad! In the meantime, listen and download his first two albums from his Bandcamp.

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roy rocket said...

Just like to let you know that you have been keeping my ears extremely busy for the last few weeks, for which I'm much appreciative.
Your site is certainly one of the most interesting for new music; and hey, we're all out for a new sound, right!

I've plonked you in my labels - nice to know these things, I guess - not for any other reason than for your quality; I don't expect reciprocation; anyways, I'm probably far too mainstream....

While I'm here, I'm having trouble unpacking Sleep's 'Dopesmoker'; tried downloading it twice but am informed of a "bad block" [!]. Any clues?

Right, I'll piss off now, as this comment is lengthy beyond belief.
Thanks again for the aural delights. roy