Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Roll Over Rover releases

Small Californian label Roll Over Rover makes some of their releases available for download after they've sold out. Worth checking out, music ranging from ambient and drone (Sean McCann!) to lo-fi and garage rock, and even dub.

ROR002: Old Softy - Wrestling
ROR004: Ugly Husbands - The Faith of the Family
ROR005: Sean McCann / Black Eagle Child - New Molluska
ROR007: Ugly Husbands / Old Softy - Salmon-Chanted Evening | Tracklist and artwork
ROR008: Rover Encyclopedia #1 - Fishing
ROR009: Island's Eyelids - Eyeland's I
ROR013: Jah Lion - Dub Bible
ROR014: Rover Encyclopedia #3 - Sideways Hole | Tracklist and artwork
ROR016: Waterside Gala - Composure and Recreation
ROR018: Bats in the Belfry - Because You're Blue
ROR021: Sean McCann - Mammoth Mountain Recommended!
ROR022: Rob Magill - Compositions That Go Left Right Away
ROR023: Sean McCann - Fountains Recommended!
ROR024: Horse Marriage - Snyderland EP

Occurrences in Rain

"Occurrences In Rain is a dark ambient music collaboration begun in 2010 between Polish musician Robert Messner and American musician Precipitous, formerly of the band The Insight Of Blindness. The two found each other on the music service, as fans of each others music, and quickly decided to work together via the Internet. As of this writing, they have never met in person."

Occurrences in Rain
Memories Suspended, Falling

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mohave Triangles

Mohave Triangles is the same guy I wrote about exactly a year ago while in a post about Realms. Same guy, similar music, but this time even more focus and more determined to make his way through the psychedelic drone tape underworld than ever. Great stuff, recommended for zoning out to your drug of choice. Available for free download from his Bandcamp page.

Tapes 'N' Tapes

A.V. Club decided to create a documentary series. This one is of special interest to the readers of this blog (including Our Humble Author), because it treats about Chicago based tape labels. Included so far are: Neon Blossom Records (led by aforementioned Daniel Smith, aka Red Electric Rainbow), Priority Male Tapes, Catholic Tapes, Fliff City and Plustapes.

Red Electric Rainbow & Dead Pilots

Red Electric Rainbow is the self proclaimed "face melting music" pseudonym of Chicago, IL citizen Daniel D. Smith. Under this moniker he creates long, freeform synth drones. He is also the founder of Neon Blossom Records. You can also visit his website on Tumblr. Thankfully Daniel is fully aware of the Internet era and puts all his OOP stuff online. Here is a HUGE collection of links to his albums:

Aerosol Hangover
...And Into the Glow We Go...
Children Blush Tortured Mist
Domestic Bliss
Endless Sodium
Fluorescent Landscapes, Vol. 1
Fluorescent Landscapes, Vol. 2
Fluorescent Landscapes, Vol. 3
Floating on the Leaves
Fuck in New Day
Love is a Haunting Refrain
Pale Blue Blossom
Peyote Disco
Shanghai Complex
The Skeleton of God
Tooth & Nail
Wasteland Jazz Unit / Red Electric Rainbow Split
The White Whale Sings, The Blue Whale Cries

Daniel has also a more noisy moniker Dead Pilots, in which he combines walls of harsh noise with processed samples of piano and guitar.

Fuck Out the Murder Virus

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dderrick Thomas - Frequency Modulation Music Floats

Raw kosmische musik synthesis. The first track is wall of drone a'la Bee Mask or KTL, the second track is a basic rhythm-driven affair a'la early Cluster. Worth checking out (you can download it for free from the site, too).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disfigure Mare - Delta Maidenhair

One of Jeff Witscher's many projects - this one's definitely on the calm ambient side. Released on the quality label Agents of Chaos. Grab this if you like Marble Sky.

Carl Calm

Carl Calm is the alter-ego of Eric Lanham, who is 1/2 of Caboladies. While "Dayglo Port" is a very Caboladies-like affair, full of bubbly, sunlit drones and sometimes quite noisy atmospherics, "The Sag" is a much more rhythm-driven, pulsing album, which adds refreshing minimal techno stylings to the usual dreamy drones. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arid Hunter

Arid Hunter is a band from Brooklyn, NY that specializes in purely improvised, droning, primitive, primeval and ritualistic soundscapes. Using synthesizers, vocals, wind instruments, drums and probably a myriad of other sound-making devices, they create an atmosphere reminiscent of darker moments of one of many Jooklo permutations, Sunburned Hand of the Man at their most improvised or a less melodic NNCK. Listen and downlaod their album from their Bandcamp:

________^_^_^________ (2010)

Windy & Carl - first 3 albums

Sorry for the lack of activity lately, guys, but it's my final year at the university and I'm pretty goddamn busy writing my MA thesis (about psychedelic music no less!) and studying for the exams (actually, that will begin soon). But I'm still finding some time for writing on this blog. Today I'll give you three first albums by the amazing drone/post/spacerockers Windy & Carl. Since they are ridiculously hard to find on the blogosphere, I've uploaded them myself. Enjoy!

I can upload other albums by Windy & Carl, if you have any requests.