Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sigmoid Argonaut - EP

...becomes sometimes you just need a break from all those mega-distorted burners and scorched psychdrone excursions. Sigmoid Argonaut are an experimetal/progressive rock (with a hint of post-rock maybe?) band from Poulsbo, Washington, US of A. In addition to guitars, bass and drums, they also have a very nice synth side. Their sound reminds me of Ozric Tentacles at times. Which is a very good thing. You can also check our their Myspace.

Mosaic Orgasm - Jastro 12-19-09

Couldn't find anything on the Internets about these guys/gals, apart from what was written in the e-mail (they play impromptu raga drone outdoor and use harmonium, tamboura, sitar, melodica, didgeridoo, 12 string guitar and "cosmic percussion birdsong"). Very nice documentation of a live performance. Spontaneous worldly psychfolk at its finest.

Mosaic Orgasm - Jastro 12-19-09

Marc Broude - Medicine

Drone, dark ambient, experimental,
United States,

Eerie late night listening. Bells, drums, mysterious metallic sounds, occasional guitars, old samples. Everything sounds as if it was recorded at the bottom of an abandoned mine. Amazing.


Marc Broude on Wikipedia

Kontrolorgan - Sun Shape Mirror


Kontrolorgan is the artist name of Johan Heinsen. Sun Shape Mirror is a collection of ritualistic, synth-beat driven dronescapes. There's a little of everything in here - the heady opener "Interestellar Frisbee", which sounds like a mix between No Neck Blues Band's darkest moments and Neil Campbell's most sunlit pieces, cold, brutalist, minimal synth worship "Excavations", blissed out Sunroof!ish miniature "Beastface", blackened guitar feedback monolith "Voyages and Execrations" and even some vocals on "Triangular Orbit", and more, more, more. Recommended!

Sun Shape Mirror

Kontrolorgan website - more delicious works by Kontrolorgan availible for free download
GhostDrome 2 website

Enfer Boréal times two

Drone, ambient,
Bretagne, France,

Enfer Boréal is the solo project of Maxime Primault, who released on labels such as Housecraft, Ruralfaune, Stunned or Tape Drift. Maxime creates vast ambient soundscapes with beautiful guitar/organ playing hidden deep underneath the distorted drones. Zonedoutcore.

The Birth of Venus (Stunned)
Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Darkness (Digitalis)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Realms - Tehuantepec Demo

Mysterious improvised ambient/drone/psych soundscapes. Pretty similar to Emeralds or Stellar Om Source (in their own words). "Prehistoric Lands" is definitely a highlight.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Create Soundscapes

I Create Soundscapes is the alias of Berk Cakmakci, an artist from Istanbul, Turkey, who, according to his own Myspace, "records at home, is bored and tone deaf". He uploads all his albums to Rapidshare and Mediafire and creates his own album artwork. His music is basically hazy synth ambient/drone, somewhat similar to the works of Stellar Om Source or High Wolf.

Vessels, Basket & Fruit EP
National Geographic EP
The Ghostly Voice of EP
The EP
Nuclear Super Power EP
What We Are EP
Flats EP
Pulsations EP
Sleep Swimming