Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dim Dusk Moving Gloom / Pregnant Spore / Dementia and Hope Trails

And, now something completely different... Something harsher than usual. Dim Dusk Moving Gloom (later renamed Pregnant Spore) is a solo noise/power electronix project of Baltimore's Justin Marc Lloyd, who also runs Rainbow Bridge Recordings. Crunchy post-apocalyptic visions.

Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Our Dark Lord
Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Articles of Faith

Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Elysian Dreams
Dementia and Hope Trails - Depress

I have to say, this album took me by surprise. Very good stuff, probably the best stuff I've heard so far from Justin. Three tracks of droning guitar ambience, sometimes amplified to a wall of shoegazey noise, and sometimes processed beyond belief in a Sunroof!-like manner. Grab it NOW.

Skin Graft / Dim Dusk Moving Gloom Split
Pregnant Spore - Snap Argue Cry

Pregnant Spore - Pristine Brain


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

thanks a shit ton for posting all of this. by the way, my name is justin. marc is my middle name. but who the fuck cares. you are awesome!

patrick said...

downloaded a week ago, just got around to listening, and it's great of course. thanks!