Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Rein

"Formed in late 2008 and based in Oakland, CA, Free Rein is a trio playing improvised music. Andrew Joron, is the Theremin and waterphone operator. Brian Lucas uses 6 string bass, tapes, percussion, voice and keyboards. He is also a visual artist. In a previous life he was a member of the free form psychedelic band,Mirza. Lucas has recently worked with Big City Orchestra and was a member of Caroliner in the mid-90s. On various flutes, bowls, and percussion is the poet Joseph Noble, blowing long meditative one notes and flurried runs that hearken back to a time when Space Was The Place."

By the way - if you haven't heard Mirza, you really really should get into it. Free form psychedelic post-rock. Get their discog on this blog


Passionate Ornithology said...
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Brian Lucas said...

Free Rein is no more:

They are now called Cloud Shepherd.