Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Roll Over Rover releases

Small Californian label Roll Over Rover makes some of their releases available for download after they've sold out. Worth checking out, music ranging from ambient and drone (Sean McCann!) to lo-fi and garage rock, and even dub.

ROR002: Old Softy - Wrestling
ROR004: Ugly Husbands - The Faith of the Family
ROR005: Sean McCann / Black Eagle Child - New Molluska
ROR007: Ugly Husbands / Old Softy - Salmon-Chanted Evening | Tracklist and artwork
ROR008: Rover Encyclopedia #1 - Fishing
ROR009: Island's Eyelids - Eyeland's I
ROR013: Jah Lion - Dub Bible
ROR014: Rover Encyclopedia #3 - Sideways Hole | Tracklist and artwork
ROR016: Waterside Gala - Composure and Recreation
ROR018: Bats in the Belfry - Because You're Blue
ROR021: Sean McCann - Mammoth Mountain Recommended!
ROR022: Rob Magill - Compositions That Go Left Right Away
ROR023: Sean McCann - Fountains Recommended!
ROR024: Horse Marriage - Snyderland EP

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slow pacer said...

If i get it right, their site is not available anymore. However, i'd really like to give a listen to Bats in the belfry's two earlier records (Because You're Blue and Cobwebs, accordingly). Is there any way you could maybe upload it somewhere? Thanks a lot!