Monday, February 7, 2011

Hills - Hills

Psychedelic rock/space rock/krautrock,
Göteborg, Sweden

Download here!



mr.A said...

This recörd is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Is this password protected?

COLONY said...


I would like to submit COLONY to you and your listeners.

Colony is the name of a dubstep/ambient/drone sound project
started in 2009.

The link below will bring you to Colony official homepage, where you can
download "MEET, MERGE, DISSOLVE", Colony's first and free-to-share album.

Thank you very much for your attention.


* * e d o * * said...

nice one - cheers!


Anonymous said...

amazing record, thankz alot. : 9

Kevin McCabe said...

Is "You Talk The Talk!" (track 3) a Neu! cover?

It's crazy similar to "Isi", the first cut from '75.

I just noticed the exclamation point it the title too.

Either way, this is rad. Thanks a lot for posting.

Hilarious art. Is he supposed to be sweating? That's gnarly. I bet he was rocking out to this album.

Last track shreds. That serpent-like synth swell low in the mix, reminds me of No Pussyfooting.

Deep jams.