Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I'll post on this blog and what I will not.

Since I've started my blog in 2008, I've been getting e-mails from people who wanted to have their music featured here. In fact, most of the music downloads posted here come from the people who have written an e-mail to me and whose music got me interested enough to post. In fact, at this point, I am getting some 100-200 e-mails a week with people wanting me to post their music on Weed Temple. To somehow cope with the influx of e-mails asking for a feature for review, I've created a few rules I follow when viewing e-mails and posting albums on the blog:
  1. Albums in material formats (CD, cassette, vinyl) have far larger chances of being reviewed than digital ones. From all the reviews I've posted on WT some 5 are of digital albums. I might post a review of a digital album if I find the music interesting enough, but I tend to spend more time with the material format.
  2. If you've sent me a cassette or a CD some time ago and I still haven't posted a review, it doesn't necessarily mean the package was lost or your music doesn't interest me (although I admit, there are a few cases). Since I've started working at school as a teacher of English this September I'm busier than ever and sometimes it's challenging to even write a short note about an album download, yet alone write a full review. Sometimes the review of a cassette or a CD you've send me can apear on Weed Temple a month or two after receiving.
  3. I will not post single tracks, never. Whether it's a single song posted on SoundCloud or Bandcamp or a link to an mp3 download in an e-mail, or a single music video on YouTube or Vimeo, I usually don't even bother to listen/watch. Weed Temple is first and foremost a blog for full album downloads and it will not change. If I was to write about every bandwagon-jumping indie fart I receive in my mail I would've been on an Altered Zones payroll since the beginning (pretty hypocritical, considering the fact much of the music I post nowadays is also jumping the bandwagon, the retrofururistic, neo-kosmische, 80's/90's nostalgia one)
  4. I don't even bother to check mails which contain nothing (as in: no introduction or description whatsoever) except a link do a SoundCloud/Bandcamp page. If you don't give a fuck about promoting your music, why should I?
  5. I will not post links do Bandcamp pages containing albums which are not free for download. Whether the files are set to the "share only" mode or need to be paid for in order to be downloaded, they will not be posted on Weed Temple.
  6. I don't even check mp3 files attached to the e-mail. Cut it out.
  7. I'm usually extremely suspicious to any e-mails containing triangles, crosses or other weird symbols and there's a very slim chance I'll check them at all.


Anonymous said...

what a dick. showing yr true colors aye?

Anonymous said...

"If I was to write about every bandwagon-jumping indie fart I receive in my mail I would've been on an Altered Zones payroll since the beginning."
....a little selfrighteous, considering the pop-leaning, beat heavy shit you post

Unknown said...

Some call it having a clear policy, others call it being a dick. The only "dick" thing here might have been the way I've worded my thoughts - I admit, I got a little too carried away there. But I'm not editing this post to make it more polite/politically correct - or less "dickish", if you will. I also assume that even I don't post about a given band or musical projects, other blogs will pick it up sooner or later - I'm not going to create a hype for something I don't enjoy myself.

ben said...

I think anonymous had his feelings hurt. maybe he was one of the indie twerps that sent his Bandcamp link and had been checking WT everyday waiting for it to pop up.

By the way Panzer, i thought your rules were hilarious, makes me dig WT even more.

"Bandwagon jumping indie-fart" Priceless.....

Anonymous said...

The triangles/crosses/weird symbols line made my day.

The High Priest of Lava Church said...

Yea, I definitely lol'd at the triangles/crosses thing.

STRNGLV said...

yea, if i was getting that many random e-mails I would be kind of annoyed too. Text on the internet can seem a lot harsher than it really is if you take it personally. Dude is just tryin to make the submission process go better for him and whoever submits it. Long Live WT!

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