Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Don't get discouraged by the cover of Post-Camp / Nonplussed? - it sure looks like fuckin' shit, but it's supposed to be this way. San Francisco's Parae play the self-proclaimed "camp-core". Under this mysterious genre name hides an energetic fusion of 1960's psych and pop rock (we're talking about San Francisco, after all), truly (post) punk rock vocals and 1990's psychotic, nervous noise rock. The result is somewhat campy (duh), spastic hippie punk - a strange crossover, repeatedly punching you in the face with one hand while putting flowers in your hair with the other. The closest point of reference here would probably be Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. Recommended!

EDIT: Apparently, the guys from Parae are really disillusioned about how things turned out for them. Let's show them it ain't that tragic and let's download all the stuff they've released up to this point. Because in an alternative universe, I can see Pitchfork readers drooling all over them (in b4 hurf durf bitchfork is garbage etc. comments).

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