Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teen Dreams - Slow Jamz: Songs 4 Friends & Family

Don't be fooled by the name of this project, you will not find any chillwave/indie pop/whatevergaze here. Dylan Mulshine's release contains lo-fi electronics ranging from alien, pulsing innerspace explorations to personal droning ambient vignettes. "heavy drones, beeps and glitches, and rhythmic loops, warped and pulsating soundscapes... no vocals this time. for fans of stars of the lid, brother raven, red electric rainbow, rene hell, tangerine dream, sean mccan, lee noble, xiphiidae, etc. only a little bit less deeply reflective and a little more fun."

Oh, and by the way: I've reuploaded Discoverer's Build a Base. Get to listenin'!


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

your ass totally saw my post on troniks


Unknown said...

Fangs and Arrows, actually ;)

Unknown said...

Unless F&A = troniks