Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Cosmic Dead

What is it with Scotland and mindblowing psych lately? First Moon Unit and now this. Another amazing Glaswegian band, this time with a distinctly stoner-y and spacey twist. Less improv, more heaviness. These intergalactic jamzzz are sure to burn a hole in yr skull. Recommended!!

Psychonaut (Bandcamp)

The Cosmic Dead a.k.a. Cozmik Tape I (Bandcamp)

Mediafire links have been removed by the request of the band.


Anonymous said...

Scotland has a strong tradition in cosmic music, but bands are not well known. You can try The Radiation Line, or Macrocosmica for example. Many of those bands don't live for a long time and don't have a large public.
More recently : The Phantom Band also, though it's a mix of many styles.

Unknown said...

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