Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saline Deposits - Chrome Lodge

Time for a little self-promotion. This is my first album ever (well, actually second, if a pretty boring EP recorded under my real name is counted). The quality is very lo-fi, and it's rather forced than planned (I was recording straight from computer in real time with no overdubs to the cassette player and I used a recycled cassette - from 1991, no less!). Most of the tracks are simple vintage analog synth ambience with simple melodies and lots of sequencers, with the exception of the first track, which is more in the drone/noise territory (a sort of a "tribute" to my very first "musical project" Lux Rectum back in 2006 and early 2007). Enjoy the listening, any opinions and criticisms are very welcome, I'm gonna keep working to release more and better stuff! Personally, I like how nice the tracks "Overlooking the Valley" and "Chrome Lodge" turned out, considering it was recorded in real time.

Chrome Lodge

As a little bonus, here are two tracks I've recored back before I had problems with audio drivers. Once I finally get over the trouble, the quality will be as clear as those two:

Saline Deposits - Crystal Birds by jakubadamek
Saline Deposits - Mind Rifts by jakubadamek


Anonymous said...

Sandpaper Beach is amazing, Good Job Dude.

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Anonymous said...

very cool. i can dig it!

Anonymous said...

c'est un album magnifique que j'écoute ce soir, j'ai l'impression que le métal me parle, merci beaucoup