Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red Electric Rainbow & Dead Pilots

Red Electric Rainbow is the self proclaimed "face melting music" pseudonym of Chicago, IL citizen Daniel D. Smith. Under this moniker he creates long, freeform synth drones. He is also the founder of Neon Blossom Records. You can also visit his website on Tumblr. Thankfully Daniel is fully aware of the Internet era and puts all his OOP stuff online. Here is a HUGE collection of links to his albums:

Aerosol Hangover
...And Into the Glow We Go...
Children Blush Tortured Mist
Domestic Bliss
Endless Sodium
Fluorescent Landscapes, Vol. 1
Fluorescent Landscapes, Vol. 2
Fluorescent Landscapes, Vol. 3
Floating on the Leaves
Fuck in New Day
Love is a Haunting Refrain
Pale Blue Blossom
Peyote Disco
Shanghai Complex
The Skeleton of God
Tooth & Nail
Wasteland Jazz Unit / Red Electric Rainbow Split
The White Whale Sings, The Blue Whale Cries

Daniel has also a more noisy moniker Dead Pilots, in which he combines walls of harsh noise with processed samples of piano and guitar.

Fuck Out the Murder Virus


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

here is a pregnant spore remix of his material.


Anonymous said...

yooo zip it up this is gonna take forever