Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Stitched Vision - Ocean Glow (Eternal Solitude, 2011)

Australia’s Jason Campbell comes back with another release. This time I was lucky enough to receive the physical copy of Ocean Glow (along with another tape from Jason’s Eternal Solitude label, Live  by Tailings, which I will review soon). Ocean Glow is less harsher and more floating than Open Palms. And just like the title suggests, the music on the album is both radiant – with hope and beauty – and lacking with details, yet powerful and eternal, like an ocean. Campbell represents the calm, warm kind of ambient, which is suitable to listen in a quiet room at a modest volume, to paraphrase the liner notes of Pale Blue Sky’s Shades of Grey. But while Pollard’s music was completely lo-fi, skeletal and reduced to pure, analog drones, Stitched Vision “hits” (or rather, immerses) the listener with perfectly weighted balance of bassy, slowly pulsing drones and tastefully muted white noise, which adds to spaciousness of the entire album. The only harsher (of course, I use the word “harsh” in the context of this record, this is in no way harsh for, say, Japanoise fans) moment of this record is a one-minute miniature “Covered”, in which the white noise is pusher more toward the front. This interlude is soon smoothed out by “Energy Deposit”, which sounds similar to Fabio Orsi’s Winterreise. I can only expect more quality zones from this Australian fellow soon in the future. Apparently, he has another tape coming up on Eternal Solitude soon!

The tape got sold out on Eternal Soltiude, so you can now download Ocean Glow for free! Download it here.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Recede
2. Fading Light
3. Covered
4. Energy Deposit
5. Kingsley Pt. 2

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