Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holy McGrail

...more like Holy McFuck! This mysterious Brit released three full albums and one EP in his career and we're dealing with some heavy psychedelic droning doomness with a tinge of ambience here and there. Collecting Earthquakes (recorded with Stephen O'Malley himself) and Smashed Amps & Sunn Guitars are lengthy excursions somewhere between Sunn O))), early Earth, Shit & Shine at its most minimal. Raw Power Suite is a fuzzed-out, wah-wahed and totally distorted tribute to Stooges' legendary Raw Pawer. Highly fucking recommended, especially, Collecting Earthquakes. I've still yet to find Burning Holy Rome, I guess I'm gonna simply buy it at the guy's official store.


Roger Camden said...

Raw Power Suite is the jam

Unknown said...

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