Thursday, May 19, 2011


A damn near full discography from this Finland-based experimental unit, featuring members of such heavyweights as Circle or Magyar Posse. The band's style stems from krautrock and jazz rock, but offers some exciting deviations (in a very positive sense) and a perfect balance between tongue-in-cheek attitude and musical seriousness and professionalism. Futuro is a hauntological journey among early electronics and strange samples in German, Italian, Russian, English, Finnish and god knows what else. Music for Supermarket is a hilarious amphetamine-fueled MIDI miniature. Pingvin and Ukkossalama is the band at their most jazziest, delivering tightly-knit and lengthy jams. Arpeggio is a series of kraut-jazz workouts drenched in electronic madness, like a more song-oriented Supersilent, while Integral is a meeting point of jazz-laden post-rock, hissing and crackling synthesizers and hypnotizing acid techno tracks.

Ukkossalama (link taken from this blog)


Anonymous said...

much appreciated! i really like futuro.

Anonymous said...

Thank, Pingvin is magic.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this would love to see the same done with Circle!

Anonymous said...


could you upload this discography again? tanhk you, sir.

Unknown said...

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