Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Same Road

Rarely do I write about bands from my country, and maybe it is about time I should change that (if I recall correctly, there is only one album from Poland posted on this blog - it's "SunDro" by Kości, by the way - and that was over 2 years ago). Same Road is a three piece band from Koszalin, Poland. The guys play purely instrumental minimalistic post-rock/noise rock reminiscent of mid-90s Midwest bands with hints of psychedelia. In terms of similarity, I see them as successors/followers of legendary Słupsk group Ewa Braun - one of the best bands in history of Polish music, whom I shall post very soon. Same Road have their own blog and give free download links for their three albums.

Click on the album covers to go to their download pages.

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