Friday, November 5, 2010

Pre-compass - Trails

Pre-compass is Jason Edgil. He describes the name of his project: like Pre-cum-piss, like 'before there were compasses'. The sound of the project can be described as deconstructionist ambient/pop vignettes, heavily inspired by "SAW" era Aphex Twin, ranging from whimsical bursts of distortion ("Big Guns"), melancholic keyboard workouts ("Princessless"). The two real standouts on the album though are the opening track "Ipods", which sounds exactly like something Tortoise would come up with and "Mamma's a Cannibal", which just asks for a minimal techno/microhouse beat to be added. Lots of potential this guy has. Bandcamp


Anonymous said...

Definitely the next _______!

Anonymous said...

I think I may know this person. How many Jason Edgils do you think there are?

Anonymous said...

2 and one's dead