Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Peopling - Peopling EP (Self-released, 2011)

                Although the cover of Bushwick resident Ronnie Gonzales’ Peopling project’s self-titled EP may or may not be a reference to Lightning Bolt’s Wonderful Rainbow, the music on the CD is much closer to the broken guitar IDM of later Sigthings than the ecstatic dopamine rock of the Providence duo. The album still stays in the noise rock area, albeit a very abstract one. The music here is hidden beneath crunchy electronic noise – “Come Home Eccentric” and “Fiji” are what can be considered closest to actual songs. The droning organ opening flows through the high-pitched ever-fluctuating noise and finally gives way to maniacal drumming/drum machine and a simple, yet menacing guitar riff and ridiculously overdriven vocals. The second one sounds almost like a collab between The Dead C and Alva Noto with bleak, distant guitar and glitchy atmosphere punctuated by distorted repetitive shouting in the style of Brian Chippendale.
                The rest of the tracks sound like mere sketches – “Regprog”, “Middle Vanessa Yeast” and “Meetings” are harsh collages, with high-pitched feedback noise fighting with fried electronics and tortured, primal yells. In fact,  “Middle Vanessa Yeast” shows true potential, with a droning riff and sloooow drumming, all together sounding like a distant cousin of The Dead C’s “Head” off their album Tusk. “Summer Such and Such” is an interesting standout,  which sounds like Roy Montgomery circa Temple IV gone completely out of control with the guitar pedals and controllers.
                The Peopling EP is filled with interesting textures, somewhat menacing atmosphere and sizzling synthesizer noises. Clocking in a mere 15-20 minutes, this short piece leaves the listener starved for more. 

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