Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sri Aurobindo - Cave Painting

Psychedelic rock,
Baltimore, United States,

Download here!

<a href="">Sri Aurobindo - &quot;Soul Vibrations of Man&quot; by Friends Records</a>

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drink to Me - Brazil

Psychedelic pop/krautrock,
Torino, Italy,

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Sean McCann - Chances Are Staying

Ambient, drone,
San Francisco, United States,

Download here!

Debut vinyl from Sean McCann. Beautiful and sometimes (somewhat) melancholic mostly violin-based stretched out ambience. Track two stands out because the drums are used - if I recall correctly, the first Sean McCann track ever to use drums. Fresh!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Chrome Wings - Time Patterns

Chrome Wings — Time Patterns c30 (Stunned no. 82)
Ambient, drone, Portland, United States, 2010

Nothing is exempt from evolution, and Portland’s Chrome Wings are a prime example of that principle when they take simple amoeboid sounds and swiftly sculpt them into electric body parts & sets of hi-fi feathers for the dance floor. With the magic and levity of storm clouds parting way to a rainbow or a kiss from a lover, ‘Time Patterns’ approaches unassumingly, yet leaves the listener breathless and wanting more a half-hour later. It’s a sound that’s taken Chrome Wings personal time & dedicated evolution to arrive at, obvious to all who’ve caught their recent live performances. Rhythms this juicy and soundforms this hypnotic in arrangement offer proof that we higher-primates can ascend toward the very stuff of dreams — in the club, at home, in the car, all of the above.

Tinah Maure - Macabruary

Moscow, Russia,

Download here!

The first track on the EP, "February" bears an uncanny resemblance to Robedoor, with its smokey desert riff accented with simple drumming, almost ritualistic in its nature. The end of first tracks features glacial, proto-Sunn O))) riffs layered upon truly hypnotic loops. The two remaining tracks, "Thief Dies From Lust" and "May (Dead Thief Version)" are way more in the noise territory and are barely (BARELY) recognizable melodies and barely (BARELY) audible drums hidden somewhere in the walls of deafening sounds. Think Goslings, but less melodic.

fuck, now i need to listen to some Goslings

The Glittering Hand - Impossible Forms

Paris, France,

Download for free from Bandcamp

Dark, ominous drones with real glitchy moments from 17 Sons Records. Raw shit. Like a sinister, postapocalyptic version of Sunroof!.

Tetragrammaton - Elegy for Native Tongues

blog coroner: nothing to see here folks, just a dead blog

>implying my blog is dead

How about some sweet ass free improv/drone/psych/free jazz stuff from Tokyo, Japan?