Friday, October 23, 2009

Sun Araw - In Orbit

Psychedelic rock, tropical, drone,
United States,

Download here!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nudge - As Good as Gone

Ambient, electronic, experimental, psychedelic,
Portland, United States,

Download here!

Some serious Valet-like moments in here. If you enjoyed "Naked Acid" from 08, then you should enjoy this one too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inca Ore - Silver Sea Surfer School

Lo-fi, ambient, drone,
Oakland, United States,

Link removed by request.

Magic Lantern - High Beams

Psychedelic rock, drone, krautrock,
Long Beach, United States,

Download here!!!

I don't know how I didn't post this album on the blog. Sure, it was released in 2008, but it's one of the best psych albums of the last few years. Total fucking bliss. Roll a fat joint, light up, listen to High Beams. So good.

Friday, October 9, 2009

E-mails megapost!

I've been getting a lot of new albums on my e-mail account lately and I've been constantly postponing posting them on the blog. My apologies to everyone who sent me those mails. However, now I've finally found time to post them all on my blog. Sorry if my post may appear a bit messy in structure. And finally, BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME MAILS WITH THEIR MUSIC. Sorry to keep you waiting, guys. I'll do my best to post your songs/albums as soon as possible on the blog in the future.

Orgone Accumulators - Good Advice EP
just trying to do a bit of promo for the new Orgone Accumualtors EP and stumbled across Weedtemple. Saw you're into experimental and electronic stuff and like stuff that's a bit tuneful but a bit noisey. Orgone Accumulators=attempt to cross Man Or Astroman with detroit techno. Thought you might be into it. Here's some blurb:- It's been a couple of months since the Orgone Accumulators - Wilhelm Reich And Roll EP was presented to the general public and since then the Fifth Neuro Orgone Research Department has been a hive of activity. The research into the alien communications from Sirius has been incredibly successful and we can now announce the publication of the past few months results:-

Bernardino Femminielli - Las Enamoradas

The album called Las Enamoradas it's based on a surreal story that I wrote about some lovers, about my schizophrenic aunt and the civil war in El Salvador. It can sounded like a soundtrack. It been all composed on old analog synthesizers and on differents reel-to-reel tapemachine.

Jördna and the Jörmungandr Charmers
hey there folks.
i would be very happy if you listen to my records and post them on your blog. its like psychedelic-ambient-spaceshit music

Jördna and the Jörmungandr Charmers - Strand (2009)
Jördna and the Jörmungandr Charmers - "Lass uns eine Schleife bilden" (2009)

Prehistoric Kaleidoscope - Sunlight Parrot Shrines
I was wondering if you could post an album of mine on your blog and maybe give me your input on it. The project's called Prehistoric Kaleidoscope and the album is called Sunlight Parrot Shrines. It's a bit like The Skaters except with more emphasis on the a cappella part. The album is also available on CD-R here:

Smelly Magic - The Prim Encounter
lo-fi psychedelic noise jams SMELLY MAGIC is Jared, Matt "DJ Wisconsin" Wentzl and I (Matt from M. Pyres). We made this at the beginning of the summer. Pretty heavy psych-rock noise stuff. Jamming out in the living room. Recorded to cassette and mastered to the best of our abilities. Listen through the haze and you may hear something.

Jupiter Johnson - Jupiter Johnson
Hi, could you post this on your blog? Thanks! Jupiter Johnson is a solo electronic/drone artist from Los Angeles, attending UCLA for fine art and performance. He has been composing and performing music since 2005, at the age of 15. Myspace: Music Video for the track, "Battles", directed by Thurmon Green:

Ghosts - Ghosts
Dear You Records are pleased to present "GHOSTS", the solo debut from Paris, France based Ben Catt.
Recording under the handle Ghosts, Catt has developed a poignant language of evocation, aura and colour.
Across a five-track EP Ghosts creates a complete atmosphere, inhabited by phantoms of both story and
process, finding a synaesthetic point where that which is heard becomes that which is seen and felt.
A pillowy bed of distorted drums and found sounds support delicate guitar, while vocals sometimes
wistfully, sometimes hopefully yearn for something other.

Tardigrades - Neutron Star
The new Tardigrades album, entitled Neutron Star, is coming out this week on french label Et pourtant ça avait bien commencé. I'd be more than happy to see this on your blog if you like it... Sounds like : drone, ambiant, etc... Made using keyboards and FX. It can be ordered at Et pourtant's website :

Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs
My name is Tobias Kirstein and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark where I
organise concerts (w./ Emeralds for instance se or and play music.

I play in a band called Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs - a trio of
guitar, double bass and drums (me). I think you might find it
interesting. Improvised stuff based in special guitartunings. Our
records are quite different because of the improvised fundament.

listen here: an outtake from a forthcoming vinyl on Mastermind.

Or I can send you some tracks from our record called WUNDERSWIM (from
Leaky Mansion)

What I want to ask you: would you like to post this music on your blog?
we just want people to listen to it, you know..

SLik D - Summer Vibes
Yo,I released an Ep called "Summer Vibes" on Aug 14th.Its feel good hip hop that represents the west coast. I produced three tracks from it (Intro,Outro,Sick Of Love) with a bunch of features and production from others to keep the head and speakers vibing out right.It really captures the feel of summer from my point of view while shouting out my homeland California, Long Beach along with my other city in Los Angeles district,Carson.Thanks for reading.This is my email if needed to be reached.If you could help spread word on your blogs/sites,that would be much appreciated.
Goodbye Summer (feat. Nique)

Tan Dollar - Pink Sky
hey guys,
im in this band called tan dollar from southern california. i wanted to link you to this free EP we recorded called "Pink Sky". Give it a listen, feel free to spread the word and post that up wherever if you like it!

Nuggies - The Sound of Explosions from the Northeast

Nuggies a have a released a new ep entitled The Sound of Explosions from the Northeast . The EP is being relased by Gorilla Ointment and is also being distributed for free via the internet.

Alaskas - Unshackled (Universal Studios Florida Remix)
we were very stoked to see that you dug our record Ocean Sunbirds. Our friend and tourmate Alaskas (who sang on our record) asked us to remix a track off his new record, Set Yourself Free. I'm attaching a link to the .mp3 of the remix, along with a large version of the "cover" art, for your potential enjoyment. I guess this is the first new USF music since Sunbirds dropped, and is somewhat indicative of the musical directions we're moving in.
Thanks again for the love, it's deeply appreciated. Weed Temple is radical.