Sunday, August 2, 2009

High Wolf - Gabon


Download here!

Eternal Tapestry - Palace of the Night Skies

Psychedelic rock,
Portland, United States,

Link removed by request.

One grrrrrreat improvistational psychedelic rock album. Guitar freakouts and stellar drumming. 'Prism Light Traveller' is totally stuck in my head. Check this shit out, NOW.

Delay 2009

Terrible delays this month, I know.

First, holidays at my friend's house, which lasted for a week or so. Drinking beer, playing drums and multiple electric guitars, playing Quake 2 with lots of random people until late at night and lots of good music. Then a HUEG FUCKING STORM and a major power outage (which meant I couldn't reach the internets for quite a few days). And then some nice holidays at the lakeside with some fine weed that was smoked in the woods (the spiders are building a secret network of high-speed motorways, you know) and some beer. And some dancing to loud dance music. Full sensory assault.

Fuck it, time to post some nice albums. I just felt like explaining myself.