Friday, November 20, 2009

Gkfoes Vjgoaf

The name Gkfoes Vjgoaf sounds just as if someone got extremely lazy/stoned and just hit the keyboard randomly, thus calling the project of such name to life (jesus what happened in this sentence, talk about getting stoned and hitting the keyboard randomly). But don't get deceived, for Gkfoes Vjgoaf is an extremely fine psychedelic folk project by a man named Sean based in Berkeley, California. What is even nicer, Sean uploads his recorded material by himself on Mediafire and sells it on cassettes. You can buy his albums from Ace of Tapes. Also, make sure to visit his Myspace!

What is a Dream Earth Bed (2008)

Howl in the River Cave (2008)

Tiger Elephant Panda (2009)

Magic Days (2009)