Thursday, June 25, 2009

High Wolf - Animal Totem

I can't believe this cassette went practically unnoticed through the blogosphere. Because it's fucking awesome. At times it sounds totally like Schwingungen-era Ash Ra Tempel, sometimes it sounds like Starving Weirdos, sometimes even like some rainforest incarnation of Natural Snow Buildings. Extremely good quality for a cassette. I think this (together with Sun Araw and new Ducktails maybe) is going to dominate my playlist for a while.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ducktails - Backyard

Psychedelic pop/tropical/ambient,
Ridgewood, United States,

An anthology of the first recordings of Matt Mondanile's Ducktails put on CD format. Released on Swedish label Release the Bats.

Link removed by request.

Nicolas Cage = Sun Araw.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vibes - Psychic

Garage funk,
Los Angeles, United States,

Catchy, funky, dirty and totally garage-like. NNF Quality again.

Download here (new link)!

Sun Araw - Heavy Deeds

Long Beach, United States,

Much more dubby-funky than on, say, 'Beach Head'. Organs and wahwahs.

Download here!

(not mine rip)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dolphins Into the Future - ...On Seafaring Isolation

Ambient/electronic/field recordings,

Download here!

Nice album. Calm electronic ambient which sounds like something taken from the kosmische musik era. With some occasional field recordings (water splashing, waves crashing, birds singing etc.). Released on Not Not Fun. Quality!

Silver Bullets - Free Radical

United States/Italy, 2009.

"(...)two sides, eleven tracks of kraut-funk, coned-out drone rock, and assorted experiments with space and time. Wade through bluesy head-nodders, Italian fuzz contests, interplanetary bleeps and blips, and liberated dance songs for anti-environments. Taking spiritual cues from Don Cherry's Eternal Rhythm, ‘Free Radical’ is a statement of unity through musical expression and an ecstatic celebration of existence. Play this tape at full moon and brace yourself for the unforeseen happenings." - William Giacchi

Download here!

Teeth Mountain - Live On

Psychedelic folk/drone/free improvisation/tribal,
Baltimore, United States,

Download here!

Moar deliciousness from Not Not Fun. I love listening to this band when I'm drunk. Dunno why. Maybe it's the tribal rhythms that do it for me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze

United States,

Download here!

James Ferraro gone dance/disco. Like some superrare 80's cassette unearthed just recently.


Sunroof! is a musical project of Varg Vi... Matthew Bower, who is mainly known as the leader of legendary UK blackened noise-drone clusterfuckers Skullflower. Sunroof! is wildly different from the usual stuff by Bower, introducing a much calmer sound, based mostly on light drones and glitchy synthesizer ambience with occasional use of traditional instruments. At times it falls under one of my favorite tags: 'ecstatic drone'. Good stuffz.

Bliss (2001)

Cloudz (2003)

Finally, an update.

Yeah, so I've neglected this blog a bit lately. Almost a month with no updates.

Lots of shit went down - finishing the college, writing the diploma paper and doing exams. Pointless e-mails, nervous talks, even more nervous waiting, getting all psyched for the worst case scenario, paper jamming in the printer... now it's all (almost) over, and I have time to post moar psychedelicious albums from all around the world.

Time to post some goddamn music here.