Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke & Mickey Brown

Mickey Mickey Rourke is a one-man ambient/shoegaze/electronic project by Miller Rodriguez from Los Angeles, California. Hazy, relaxing guitar/synthesizer arrangements. Rodriguez also records music with Canadian musician Lester Brown as Mickey Brown. Both projects can be listened to on MMR's Bandcamp. There are also Myspace pages for Mickey Mickey Rourke and Mickey Brown.

Mediafire folder containing free downloads of all four albums released so far.

Julian Lynch - Mare

Summery psychedelic folk,
Madison, United States,

Download here!

Listen to the album on Bandcamp

Ajilvsga - The Harvest

Psychedelic folk/drone,
Tulsa, United States,

Download here!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slasher Risk - Chillers

Noise rock, psychedelic rock,
New York, United States,

Download here!


Drone/lo-fi/psychedelic/dark ambient,

Download "Untitled"

Download "Begraven Not Morr"

Bleak and cold soundscapes reflecting bleak and cold times of late 19th/early 20th century Sweden. Think Religious Knives' "Remains", but more lo-fi and even more droney. Didn't think psych can be depressive, huh?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tsurubami - Kaina

Psychedelic rock/noise rock/ambient/drone,
2000/2003 (Last Visible Dog reissue + bonus track)

Download here!

I cannot stress enough how mindbendigly amazing this album is. Heavily recommended for fans of psych music in general, and an absolute must for fans of Acid Mothers Temple and Japanese strain of psych.

Endless Endless Endless

Endless Endless Endless is a New York/Jersey duo of Brett Renfer (Brooklyn: guitar, vocals, and pedals) and James Tichenor (Jersey: Korg Gameboy DS). Don't worry, despite the fact that one band member plays what is essentially a small game console this ain't no bullshit chiptune/8-bit music. EEE make some really spaced out ambient synth/guitar dialogues with wordless vocals. Recommended for the fans of the slower, calmer type of psychedelia. [blog buzzwords: post-noise, bummerwave, nerd psychedelia]

The Littlest Viking - Labor & Lust

Math rock,
Whittier, United States,

Download here!

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, guys from Littlest Viking. :-( I just got reminded of your awesomness a few days ago when I randomly played this album. Check this out if you like Don Caballero and stuff like that.