Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Residual Echoes

First two albums from the Californian psychedelic power trio. Highly recommended!

Phoenician Flu and Ancient Ocean (2005)

Actually, while I'm at it, I'm gonna post links to the two albums from 2006 I've posted some two years ago...
California (2006)


revK said...

Hello! Thanks for a great and inspiring blog. Just wanted to say that three of the five links seem to be broken.

I would recommend you to have a look at our blog all the way from Sweden. Not a blog just like yours but still mind expanding in many ways. www.prejka.se


Anonymous said...

hey man... could you please re-up the 1st lp?


Unknown said...

Yeah guys, I just noticed that the first links got removed real fast, so just wait until around 8-9 November when I'll upload them again. :)

Unknown said...

just a reminder...RE UP DAT SHIT HOMIE! thanks love xoxo

Arizona Phossils said...

hello! thanks for posting my records. I'm glad you dig 'em! you can put them back up on your site if you want.

just want to let you know you can visit the band here.

and listen to (almost) everything here:

new music and touring coming this year.