Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Drone/lo-fi/psychedelic/dark ambient,

Download "Untitled"

Download "Begraven Not Morr"

Bleak and cold soundscapes reflecting bleak and cold times of late 19th/early 20th century Sweden. Think Religious Knives' "Remains", but more lo-fi and even more droney. Didn't think psych can be depressive, huh?


Anonymous said...

Mediafire link for "Untitled"
doesn't work

Rareritist said...

saw them accidently playing live in Gothenborg two years ago. was rather impressed. was sorry for not buying the cassette. and was searching for their records ever science.
thanks a lot for this gem.

Anonymous said...


David said...

It's "Begravd Mot Norr", swedish for "Buried Facing North", or something like that...

.r. said...

More like "Buried towards north"