Monday, June 28, 2010

Tinah Maure - Macabruary

Moscow, Russia,

Download here!

The first track on the EP, "February" bears an uncanny resemblance to Robedoor, with its smokey desert riff accented with simple drumming, almost ritualistic in its nature. The end of first tracks features glacial, proto-Sunn O))) riffs layered upon truly hypnotic loops. The two remaining tracks, "Thief Dies From Lust" and "May (Dead Thief Version)" are way more in the noise territory and are barely (BARELY) recognizable melodies and barely (BARELY) audible drums hidden somewhere in the walls of deafening sounds. Think Goslings, but less melodic.

fuck, now i need to listen to some Goslings


rickets said...

hi, would you be able to re-up this one?

Anonymous said...

Yeah . . . RapidShare is terrible.