Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kontrolorgan - Sun Shape Mirror


Kontrolorgan is the artist name of Johan Heinsen. Sun Shape Mirror is a collection of ritualistic, synth-beat driven dronescapes. There's a little of everything in here - the heady opener "Interestellar Frisbee", which sounds like a mix between No Neck Blues Band's darkest moments and Neil Campbell's most sunlit pieces, cold, brutalist, minimal synth worship "Excavations", blissed out Sunroof!ish miniature "Beastface", blackened guitar feedback monolith "Voyages and Execrations" and even some vocals on "Triangular Orbit", and more, more, more. Recommended!

Sun Shape Mirror

Kontrolorgan website - more delicious works by Kontrolorgan availible for free download
GhostDrome 2 website

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