Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wet Hair - Glass Fountain

Psychedelic, drone, noise, experimental,
United States,

Download here!


Anonymous said...

this is a new album? I guess 3 months is a long time of waiting for these bands who release everything that they record. It's definitely a short attention span world now. But a lot of them should take a little more time for some quality control.

they actually wasted money to put this on vinyl. wow. stick to cassette and save the money.

Dudes like Kevin Shields did not release everything they recorded for a reason.

I guess this is cool in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a douche. what are you contributing? I bought this and I like this, what a sucker I am.

Anonymous said...

yes what a douchey comment

wet hair rule!!!

Anonymous said...

i do understand what the guy is saying - cassette dubs are made for this lo-fi kinda sound (ditto the 2nd Gary War album and some other vinyl stuff on NNF/Fuck It Tapes etc etc)... if they just made a clearer recording for the vinyl it'd make a world of difference, some people (myself included) love the actual music (be it 'noise' or songs) to have a bit clarity, as well as being all for the freeform punk ethic.

i guess in fairness they're cheap runs on short timescales, but by the time i buy one of these in a UK record store you're looking at £20 UKP with the stores mark-up... obviously the artist/label are knocking these out wholesale/online for about 1/3 of that!

Anonymous said...

more of the same from these guys, i'm over it...too half assed