Sunday, August 2, 2009

Delay 2009

Terrible delays this month, I know.

First, holidays at my friend's house, which lasted for a week or so. Drinking beer, playing drums and multiple electric guitars, playing Quake 2 with lots of random people until late at night and lots of good music. Then a HUEG FUCKING STORM and a major power outage (which meant I couldn't reach the internets for quite a few days). And then some nice holidays at the lakeside with some fine weed that was smoked in the woods (the spiders are building a secret network of high-speed motorways, you know) and some beer. And some dancing to loud dance music. Full sensory assault.

Fuck it, time to post some nice albums. I just felt like explaining myself.


Anonymous said...

sounds almost like my last 5 days .. props to you and catch the last SUNSHINE !!!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Did not know about the spiders. Not sure why they would need motorways. I guess they've got their reasons though.