Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oneohtrix Point Never

One of my favorite new acts, a solo project by Daniel Lopatin, who is also a member of Infinity Window (with Taylor Richardson) and Skyramps (with Mark McGuire). New Agey (without all the cliches of New Age) analog synth drones (based mostly on Roland Juno 60), purely electronic ambiental compositions with a very oldschool feel, not unlike Tangerine Dream or early Popol Vuh. Seriously, good stuff. Check out his Myspace.

Ruined Lives (2008)

Download here!

Transmat Memories (2008)

Download here!

A Pact Between Strangers (2008)

Download here!

Young Beidnahga (2009)

Download here!

Betrayed in the Octagon (2009)

Download here! (link borrowed from this wonderful blog)


mrrey23 said...

Thanks for the jamz! Can't wait to peep 'em! Right on!

Jarin said...

dang a bunch of these links are dead now

Edit Van Halen said...

Thanx for the "Young Beidnahga"!

Anonymous said...

Think "Betrayed in the Octagon" is brill while "Young Beidnahga" is poor. Are you sure its the same band!?

Anonymous said...

Solved the mystery myself - "Young Beidnahga" is indeed by Danial Lapotin but was recorded in 2004 whereas "Betrayed" and the mighty "Rifts" are much more recent affairs. It doesn't sound to me like he had refined his craft in 2004.

Anonymous said...

siii papáaaaa!!